What We Treat


We are primary care providers which means we are able to take care of most of your health issues.  Family practice is considered a comprehensive specialty and we feel that listening to the patient is the best approach in diagnosing and treating any ailment that a patient may have. We thoroughly evaluate and assess each patient’s symptoms and medical history in order to best diagnose and treat any ailment.

Healthy Lifestyle

We are trained to provide medical care to chronic illnesses such as:

- Diabetes

High blood pressure

Elevated cholesterol

Asthma / COPD


Thyroid diseases

And many other conditions

Of course, we can also treat acute illnesses such as cold/flu symptoms, minor injuries, abdominal pain, and more.  We also provide preventive physical exams once a year which includes a full physical, updating immunizations, and recommended cancer screenings based on age and gender.

Some diseases require a referral to a specialist and we will be more than happy to provide a referral for you insurance company if it becomes necessary.

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Naturopathic Holistic Medicine
We also provide alternatives to traditional Western medicine at our location. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Oriental Medicine, has been researched for thousands of years, and today the NIH, National Institute of Health, and the WHO, World Health Organization has recognized the Acupuncture to be an effective treating agent for numerous types of acute and chronic health conditions.  Esther Kim L.Ac, MTCM is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine. She will be happy to consult with you to explore naturopathic ways to treat your ailments. Please call (770) 292-0043 or visit www.cobbacupuncture.com for more information.